Presenter Bio

My first job at 15 years old was working in a Jewish bakery. What I learned from that experience was just how big God’s story was and how we were all deeply connected to it. No matter where I have landed a call – from camp counselor to CYF ministries to missionary work to pastoral intern – my life’s work has been centered on the coined phrase, God’s story is our story. My own story: Mother of two, wife to one, sister to three, and counted among the stars as a beloved child of God. I am wannabe pastor, storyteller, writer, and speaker.

Workshop Presentation

No longer can we assume people in the pews know even the basics of God’s story. The most interaction people have with the Bible is the 10-minute sermon. Trends tell us that faithful church goers attend worship 1-2 times a month. To respond to this, we may need to shift how we do things. Come and explore the why and how in becoming a story-based congregation. Learn some practical storytelling techniques. But most importantly, be equipped to tell your story in the midst of God’s story. We have the greatest story ever-told; it’s now the time to learn how to share it.