analogically glargine solution SARA THOMSEN is a singer-songwriter and weaver of community song. At concerts, conferences, classrooms, workshops, retreats, jails, places of prayer, and lines of protest, to be with Sara is to want to sing. Increasing wonder and awareness, deepening spiritual connection, and widening social engagement through song is at the heart of her work. Sara’s ability to get people singing magically transforms gatherings into communities empowered with possibility.

ivermectin 200 mg price In addition to her songwriting and solo performing, Thomsen is the founder and director of Echoes of Peace, a non-profit which holds a mission to inspire awareness, action and reflection on critical social issues using music and the arts to build and bridge informed, engaged and caring communities ( Central to the organization’s vision is the Echoes of Peace Choir, a non-audition community choir in Duluth, MN directed by Thomsen. Sara is also artistic director and member of the vocal trio Three Altos, comprised of Thomsen and her spouse Paula Pedersen, and Rabbi Amy Bernstein and  (

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best poker freerolls regrettably Sara grew up surrounded by a family and community that loved to sing. She is a staunch supporter of struggles for human dignity and ecological sustainability. Slowing down enough to see and hear the vibrant wonder of the commonplace is her work and play.  All this can be felt in her music. Whether it is a song welcoming a newborn, protesting a policy, depicting night falling or describing a loved one, her music is alive and pulsing.

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