Presenter Bio

Rev. Susan Mullin is appointed to Faith UMC in St Anthony Village as the Minister of Faith Formation and Community Outreach. She is also a consultant with Global Ministries, helping to establish an Earthkeepers program in the UMC with the goal of commissioning 500 Earthkeepers over the next seven years. Rev. Mullin serves as the North American representative on our UMC Global Creation Care Team. She is married to a middle school science teacher and has two adult children.

Workshop Presentation

At a time when climate change and other environmental crises are threatening the well-being of people all around the world, Christians can demonstrate their care of God’s creation by helping children to experience, learn about, and care for the natural world. Three United Methodist churches in Northeast Minneapolis have hosted an Eco-Kids day camp one week each summer for the past four years. Our themes have included birds, rivers, and trees. In this workshop, we will share how the camp is organized as well as specific activities and curricula that have worked well for us. Participants will try their hand at some of the activities from this year’s camp and will take home a full camp schedule.